gotta get a hold of myself

mamma mia! the new semester has just begun. new subjects, new lecturers, new juniors *cough* and most importantly, a brand new life! yeah baby, tho as much as i wanted to just stay at home and do nothing rather than getting stuck here at uni and college, well what can i say, what choices do i have??
i mean, i picked this course, i picked this uni, i picked to continue to study, so basically, there's no turning back for me. but i'd never regretted this choice. i know this is the bestest decision i'd ever made my entire life. *seriously*

so,so..looks like i've got a lot of catching up to do, plus i need to put extra efforts in studying and understanding the lectures cause boy, quite a tough subjects i have this semester. pharmacology especially, well, for some reason, i find it quite interesting ( pharmaco's lecture hasnt started yet so this is so not gonna be considered as my permanent point of view) and other subjects too, well, their names do sound appealing to me, so why not lifting up my hope for this once? yeah, i mean, really, i really need to get a hold of myself, and keep moving forward. let go of the pasts, get over them, and start a new life.

tsk,tsk..i dunno why, i think there's something wrong with my hormones lately, so i kinda have a mood swing right now, one minute im happy, the next minute im down..hopefully this will end up soon, oh i so need to focus right now, suck u stupid hormone!!! T_T

-all i want right now is for you to stay....
stay....stay....please stay..... please, just this once, stay.... tsk tsk

p/s : see? see? i even had mood sing here... =(

2 Responses
  1. nieza Says:

    mkck, ko nk suh spa stay hahahahaha

  2. iman Says:

    ko la syg, hahaha

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