giving up already??

hectic hectic!! life nowadays was a hectic!! im physically and mentally exhausted, just thinking about the never ending lectures and labS, makes me wanna throw up at once, why are there so many of them??? in a day?? i mean, one pharmaco's lecture is enough to make me sick, but honestly, TWO?? and continously?? back to back?? like i dun have better things to do....argh this is insane!
all of them!!! they are all insanely insane!! tsk tsk...

i noe life are so not going to be easy as we grow older, but still, this is so sudden, im so havent adapted to this kind of a lifestyle yet, oh right, what am i talking? this has been my way of living since forever..but still, sigh~

to tell the truth, i already felt like giving up hope, giving up everything...i dunno whats wrong, i think im giving up my life right now..i noe this is not right, but i seriously cant live this life any longer... like yesterday, we learnt about how certain amoeba can reach and contaminate your contact lens, which scares the living heck out of me,( cause i wear those like 24/7) but yet, right on that time, i also think that i feel like I DONT CARE.. u noe what i mean? seriously, like i dun care bout myself anymore, like i dun care if something bad happens in the future, like i dun care about eveything, at all, anymore...gosh, i noe this is bad, this is so so so so not right, but i seriously dun noe whats going on with me!! like i din noe myself anymore, like the old me wasnt here with me anymore..i just dun feel right! everything's not right, everything wasnt like the way it's supposed to felt wrong!

i noe i always exaggerating everything, but not this time, this feels different, and i hate this feeling!!
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