we're no criminals...we're just budak surau library =P (part 3)

sorry buds i kept procrastinating this post, cant help it, its in my gene,haha, alrite, lets sum everything up now! =P

6) syiqa : a living skeleton. feeds on human being's blood. she practically lived in a coffin. can only comes out at night to hunt for human's blood for the sun will burned her down to ashes if she were ever being exposed to it.
ahaha, ok2, that was a bluff ( too much twilight and vampire diaries, sorry). well, except for the 1st point tho. she is really a living skeleton. trust me! her thigh is only as big as my arm! no kidding! i dun noe what her mom feeds her her entire life, cuz whatever they were, im pretty sure they were all fatless! XD
hahaha, ok, well, despite her super abnormal thin condition ( i refuse to use the term anorexic cuz it sounds cruel) she is indeed a very serious person. and responsible too. she takes everything, (by saying everything, i meant everything), seriously. oh, i can prove it to you. " one day, we planned to go bowling together. wanot then asked for syiqa's favor to ask as many as our friends to come over too.
biochem's lecture. finished. syiqa : cua x dapat pegi la, die ade hal la beb
physio's lecture. finished. syiqa : mimi kata nak pegi tapi die x sure lg, die kate nanti nak kompomkan.
surau library. syiqa: yg kompom pegi skrg ni cuma 5 org je. aq, kau, lilot, tero, rab
syiqa to wanot ( via text message) : ei aq cube try ajak mas tapi die ckp x sure lagi. aq ajak azu ngan ikha pulak.
anat's lecture. before. syiqa : ikha ngan azu nak g tempat lain la, dorg x dapat dtg.
anat's lecture.after. syiqa : mimi ngan has pegi tau
in front of the tibe. waiting for the bus. syiqa: ni senarai budak2 yg pegi"
(p/s: this is only juz an example, so do forgive me if the dialogues up there never occurred in real life before)
hahaha. see? see? what? u din understand?? oh well, what im trying to point out here is that she takes everything seriously, even when we asked her to invite ppl to join us in certain activity. i mean, she makes it like the whole thing was a formal event! u got what i mean? hahaha, ajak org pegi bejoli je syiq,siap wat senarai! hakhak! i bet u would even hav made invitation cards if u hav enough time.
hahahaha! XD

WARNING : the following contents are inappropriate for anyone below the age of 18

7) tuan ( bukan nama sebenar) : a real pervert and horny. brain had been corrupted so badly by porn and sex related tv's and movie's scenes that the chance to fix it back to normal is zero. was born in kelantan, but had never, even once, ever showed any traits and behaviours that are synonym with typical kelantanese girls. in fact, she uses the name as budak kelantan yg suci to hide her true and ugly sides. always walks out alone at quiet and dark alleys at night to rape innocent men who went out of their beds only to watch the football match at the college cafe. she is also a real paedophile. she once had mentioned that she wanted to rape justin bieber so badly and #########......( the further contents of this article could not be shown for it was too explicit for public viewing, harap maklum)

8) cua : was known as the member of geng selimut during her school's time. the name was given not because they liked to sleep, as syu had wrongly suggested, but due to their tudung yg labuh. hurm, actually, i hav ran out of ideas, so dun noe what else to say about the remaining members of our gang. i could stop now, and continue doing this later, but i really wanna finish and publish this post tonight. what am i babbling? get back to work!
so,so, cua is funny, in fact, she was the only non-skema person i had known during minggu mesra pelajar! yeah, so u see, i kinda had quite a miserable week back then, not to mention the most worst fever i ever had in my life, after that stupid sports day, oh my, this is why i hate orientations! they are so lame!! and torturous!! and, and..oh boy, im out of discussion again. hoho, so the point is, cua is funny. and funny. the end ( ahaha, saye memg pemalas! sori cua! XD)

9) ros : she gets along well with everyone, i envy her for that. the end ( XP)

10) syu : oh one word for her : kalut. ahahahaha

ok, guess that ends up everything! thanks for sparing ur time to read this. oh cua, ros and syu, sorry about that short explanation, i promise i will write better about u guys next time, juz do sumthing funny, and u will definitely end up being the subject of my post in no time!

- pens keyboards off =P
4 Responses
  1. hahahahaha..ok..tu je komen ak..btw, ko tlg pjgkn lg storu syu..hahah

  2. koreangulrz Says:

    weh..btul ke aq uat evrything seriously..

  3. wow...hehehe..lawak2!!!!.. Great... hehehe... lot, ko mmg mempunyai idea diluar jangkaan...woooooo!!!!... hehehe

  4. iman Says:

    aq tlalu mls time tu mi, haha, maka otak pon x dpt nk create cite2 yg merapu psl bliau

    -btol la syiq, xde yg btol melenkan yg btol blake2..wawa

    tenkiu rab!! muaxxx hahaha

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