hey i got kittens now, after years of not possessing any pets, i finally got a pet, oh pets, to be precise. so yeah this is definitely a something to be celebrate of.

urm..so my holidays gonna end up in like what, a month time? i couldnt care less. got nothing else to do anyway at home. mom had promised us a family vacation on july. nah i dun think im looking forward to it. in fact, i dun think im looking forward to anything now. like i'd said before, i couldnt care less. about everything. why? i dun noe. i juz dun noe.

am currently listening to mcfly. same song again and again for about an hour now. was it great? sure it was a good song. thats why my ears can still bear to listen to it until now.

juz thought that i shud update this blog more frequently. it looked boring to me. need some fresh new stuffs here. urm, but i juz dun have ideas on what exactly shud i talk about here. oh yeah, i havent completed the posts about my friends. oh well, maybe tomorrow. the point is, this post is pointless, so i shouldnt stick to any particular topic, shouldnt i?

ok. so we're having the world cup fever now. so everyone were busy rooting for their favourite teams that they started to forgot whats happening and would always be happening, (if there werent any measures taken to stop it) in palestin. our brothers and sisters there, they din even have enough food to eat, din hav a proper house to live. their children cant go to school like us. they suffer everyday. every single day. from the moment they were born. and yet, here we are, sitting in front of a 42" plasma tv, with snacks in hand, screaming and crying out loud in joy when a player from the team that we rooted scored a goal....

4 Responses
  1. lot...lot....hehehe....pointless ea....sabar ea...aku pn kdg2 mcm tue gak....hehehehe..miss u so much....

  2. iman Says:

    rab!! setelah berkurun akhernye sampai gak ko kat blog aq! yihaaa! miss u too! =D

  3. Hahaha...lot2...aku dh lme smpi...cume aku x sound2 je...hehehehehe...asal aku x dpt join confrence nie?...hahahaha

  4. iman Says:

    haha, xpe rab, akhernye tuan da dpt jumpe formula yg betul smlm, 2 3 min pas ko sign out, mlm neh jgn lupe on9 taw, lam area kol 11 gtu, wee~

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