they knew my melting point..

whenever ppl asked me what's my favourite band or who my favourite singer is, all i could do was just staring at the distant blankly, then turned back to that person and tell them that i had none. no, i dun have any specific group or singer which i liked. not that im suggesting that there r no great singer at all in this world that could fit my liking, its just that i dun care whoever singer sang the song, as long as it sounds harmonic and beautiful or make me wanna dance at once, it would definitely go into my playlist.

and like most other ppl, i usually likes to listen to my favourite songs again and again, until i've reached a certain point where the song doesnt sounds that good anymore, and im already bored with it, only then would i turn to other songs.

however, the situation is completely different with this one korean song i heard recently..
" because i'm stupid"
sang by a korean group, SS501, and this song was also featured as the OST in korean drama : Boys Over Flowers

i din watched the drama before because i thought it was a bad impersonation of the original same drama from Japan, so i din get to hear this song earlier. but one day, while i was in anatomy lab, one of my friend sent this song to me through my handphone, and when i've listened to it...GASP! this is no doubt, the bestest song i've heard my entire life ( sounds exaggerating, no?)

im totally obsessed with this song that i searched for its lyrics and memorized them all in 2 days, downloaded all of its MVs and mp3s, i wikied their articles and googled the group's photos...gosh, call me a fanatic or die hard fan whatsoever, i dun care..

the reality is, if there's any song that could melt me, this would be it. without any doubt! oppas! saranghae! XD

p/s : for anyone who has never heard of this song before, its in my mixpod playlist down there : 3rd song from above, enjoy! =)

4 Responses
  1. nieza Says:

    oit.. spa ye y pknlkn lgu ni kt ko hehehehe???.. td kt 8tv kul 7 ad cite psl dorg.. dia tjuk video clip lgu dorg.. hensem pakwe ak.. pakwe ko x!!!! hahahahahahaah

  2. iman Says:

    yola aih, aq berhutang nyawe kat ko sbb pkenalkn lagu neh, muaxxx
    ahhh!! oppa aq plg ensem dlm donia neh! oppa ko huduh! kuang3 XD
    single baru dorg love ya kan?? hehe da menang music bank la wei! aq da addicted gak kat lagu tuh =D

  3. nieza Says:

    ko addicted kt lgu love ya jugak k??? spesis adk ak la.. hahahaha..
    ko pna dgr lgu kmplan cn blue tjuk love.. best jgak tau.. PAKWE ak plg hnsem kt glaksi ni huhu.. luv u hyun jun...

  4. iman Says:

    oh cn blue, haah da denga gak, tp single dorg yg first2 dulu je yg aq suke, im a loner, besh wooo, ahaha
    yola aih, oppa ko oppa ko la, oppa aq aq yg punya! miahaha
    p/s: ko da delete account fb ke pe?? asal lama x nampak wei?? aq kesunyian lorh..huhu

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