we're no criminals...we're just budak surau library =P (part 2)

now now, i shud continue with the 2nd part, tho i knew no one's waiting for this post to come out ( sob3..) im still eager to finish it, knowing the fact that the world has to be acknowledge about the existence of these retarded human beings

5. has : to be frank, over these past 19 years i spent my life living in this world, i'd never come across with anyone who's NOT gay, but proud to call and declared herself as being gay in front of the public, wahahahaha, i noe, weird stuff rite? but that's has, being quirky and weird all the times, well, thats wat make her unique, and special..
and with her special ability too, she somehow had managed to involve me into her ridiculous little world, yeah, those who knows us already knew about the somewhat weird acting we conducted, where she plays the role as the husband and im her wife, wawawa... and unbelievably, she somehow had failed from being a good husband to me by cheating me at the back, she married another woman without my permission and god knows how many binis she'd make during her matric's times...but being the good wife myself, i din do anything stupid that cud harm her or her other wives, but instead, i go single now. the end
hahaha, well, to those who appeared to wonder what the heck did i talking about juz now, well, my advice is for u not to think too much, cuz im juz bluffing, yeah, me and my sengal frens ( oops this is supposed to be a post about has) we juz enjoyed making our days here at our uni weird, so that our lives here wud not be plain and boring..erk ok, moving on...
well, the truth is, i hav promised has that i will make a special post dedicated only for her, bcuz there's so much things about her that i cannot help but to insult, miahahahahaha!!!! XD

oh an advice for u has before i begin : after this, just..
....be careful with what u wish for XD

ok, for a brief start, for those who have no clue what or who she is, she is a girl, a short girl to be precise, live just next door to me at our college, with another retarded girl named izni. has is completely retarded, physically and mentally. and for some unknown reason, a cat had marked the front of her room as its permanent place to answer its nature call ( to berak and kencing and stuffs..) hahahaha ur lucky has only one particular cat that actually found ur room interesting to release whatever that are stuffed in its rectum, cuz if its more than one, i guess there's nothing but a carpet of cat shits in front of ur room everyday, guess u wont need to buy fertilizer then if u decided to plant anything in the future =D

besides being retarded, she's also known for her remarkable ability to disguise herself as a short tiang elektrik, or sometimes, as lidi, in times of danger: example at the condition where dr hawa walks around the anatomy lab trying to find students who wear jeans or not wearing a closed shoes or took more than 3 cuvettes (oh wait a sec, thats akak bising, the annoying, irritating akak bising, huh) or just simply walk around to scatter away students whos benefiting the quiet and LONG HOUR of anatomy lab to talk and talk and talk, oh and taking pictures. wow, dr hawa really is something u noe, anyone who needs help to scatter away unwanted crowds shud call her tho, im serious, hahaha, oh oh back to has, ok then, the truth is, despite having this extraordinary ability ( to disguise herself into something else) she couldnt run away from getting caught by dr hawa, i had witnessed one time when she wore jeans in lab, and dr hawa caught her red handed, wawawa (ok i think this post is getting weird)

anyways, my point is, has is WEIRD...but a really great and funny person to spend time with, there, huhu, im getting exhausted just talking bout her, sape lg yg blom? cua, ros, syiqa, tuan..ok next post it is then =)

5 Responses
  1. nieza Says:

    kucg berak pn ad???? ko ska tol bnd tu erk..

  2. iman Says:

    trademark ko..sampai mati aq ingat, wahaha!

  3. koreangulrz Says:

    wey..cepat2...aq plak...hihi

  4. nieza Says:

    kuang ajo!! lpakan la.. huhuhuhu..

  5. iman Says:

    sabo syiq sabo, aq nga kumpul idea besh neh, kuikui
    has- mustahel la der XD

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