let the pictures tell the story! =D

alrite peeps, the new semester is juz around the corner, so i think it would be great to look back at those good old days we spent our time together, having fun to the max, went to lots of fantastic places, getting scolded for making noises at improper places a.k.a surau, lol XD and thousands other wonderful memories we'd made.

well, as long as we're with each other, doesnt matter where we are or what we're doing, it will always turns out to be a blast!!! oyeah! XD

so yeah. since uploading photos here are a lot easier than doing it at facebook, plus i get to tell a story about each picture, so thats what im gonna do now. a picture speaks a thousand words, so guys, sit back and enjoy this show! hahaha =D


this picture was taken at tasik titiwangsa, where we threw a special farewell party for our beloved super senior, abg sharul. and if im not mistaken, that day was also the last day of our first mid semester. so yeah, although not many of us who had make it that day, but we really had had a good times. we ordered err.. A LOT( seriously!) of pizzas from domino's ( from the stupid coupons i bought by being deceived and pukau-ed by two very mysterious and evil akak domino, god, i resent them!! gimme back my RM20!! waaaaa...!!!) took millions of pictures and watched the beautiful sunset as the sun disappeared from the sky ( blah blah) so yeah, it was a very wonderful evening indeed, bon voyage abg sharul! we will always missed u! =D


hahaha, the truth is, to be able to participate in this camp one has to hold a position, name it being an ajk, an exco or treasurer and everything, the point is, you have to WORK for the program before u could actually be apart of it. but then, not for us ( wanot and me) we were the only vvips there! ahaha, we din have to work or being part of the organisation. hey, dun blame us, we din asked for it, we came by invitation tau! ok2, moving on...haha, so this picture up there, as u can see, is us playing the kayak. well, this picture is the proof of one of my embarassing moments in life! so, what was the story behind this picture? ahaha..like im gonna reveal it here, XD sorry peeps! find it out on ur own, heee..

among the last pictures we took before leaving the camp. the camp was great. really. am looking forward for another one next sem =)


walawei, its vacation time!!!yihaaaa!!! so then, we hav planned for this trip long ago, arguing about where to go, the overall costs, transportation, schedule's problems and whatnots, until we finally agreed to go to sg congkak! credits to pengarah program, wanot, for making this trip a reality! god, we loved u not! seriously!
so, so..although, AS USUAL.. NOT ALL OF US ARE GOING ( prasan x kite x pernah betol2 dpt pg mane2 lengkap sume org, mesti ade je yg x dpt g) but then it din matter anymore as soon as we'd reached the place. but before that, we'd had a kind of mysterious journey. all the way to sg congkak, we came across with road blocks ( not the kind of blocks which the police held to search for criminals, but a road block to clear the roads and give ways to special ppl such as royalty and vvips to get through, oh, u get the picture rite?) so then, we all had made various speculations about the situations, i mean, like seriously! it really bothers us back then to not knowing what the heck was happening out there. even pak cik yusri ( our van driver) had his own theory! but the most ridiculous theory came from wanot! at one time, there was an ambulance parked at the side of the road. and before that, we had came across with a sambutan hari raya ceremony held by PKR party. so yeah, as u can see, wanot had miraculously relate the two points together and came out with one amazing equation :
" ye la! ni sebab anwar ibrahim nak datang ni! kan ade ambulan tadi! anwar kan sakit belakang!"

ahaha~ what can be funnier than that? anyway, turns out all the road blocks were made especially for the Le Tour De Langkawi's cyclist, hahaha, anwar ibrahim sakit belakang naik ambulans? XD bapak jauh menyimpang..

this picture tells u how skillful i am as an amateur photographer, wahaha~ ingat senang ke nak captured things in motion? banggenye banggenye saye~ huahua

di sebalik tragedi cicak mutant neh, ade zip yang terbukak!!! XD erkk..ade yg terasa x? hahaha

haa ni la pak cik yusri drebar bus a.k.a drebar eltabina yg drive kami ke sini yg baik ati n agak comel tapi pijak sneakers saye nih, huh huh (semput)

hanya gambar sungai tanpa org yg mampu ditunjukkan. bukan x de gambar yg ade org, banyak... but contents are wayyy too explicit for public viewing, miahahahaXD

attention! this is so not vandalism! this is art~ =D

istana pasir ikha......hurm...looks more like a temple to me XD

oh yeah. really! we held a bbq that night! tho it rained, but all the chickens ( ha ha terlioq la tuh) were cooked well. it took a lot of our efforts tho, dengan charcoal x cukup la, hujan la, tapi naseb baek sume masak gak. hail to the chickens! waka waka hey hey!

a bbq feast!! with a delicious "instant spaghetti" as side dishes and watery watermelon and dadih as deserts!! selepas seharian berendam, this is like heaven, wee~

going back already, thanks so much sg congkak for giving us a wonderful memory. oh n not to mention- cicak resakse..

before headed back to college, we stopped by at bukit ampang-well, actually, pak cik yusri brought us there- so that we get to see kl's view from above

lepas ni sg mane plak yg kite nak cemarkan?? hahaha


oh yeah baby. its the annual dinner's night. yeah, the night was ok. the performance went well, despite all the troubles we had to go thru before that. whatever, let bygones be bygones. no hard feelings and no heart feelings ok. and oh kinah, u looked hot babe! ahahaha XD

akak bising ada di situ!!! wahahahahaha~

sweet2! i like! =)

hahaha, atero atero.....hahahahaha....hahaha

tuan cam nak begamba untuk playboy, ngaaaa

" HEY NI, NI, NI, NI....!!! XD"

it was a fine friday evening, a perfect time for bowling!!! yeah! before we started the game, isik perut dulu! forgive my frens for being THIS retarded =P

snap snap snap.

pose je lebeh, adei bola ke longkang gak

org arab men bowling, hahaha, mcm nenek maen boling pon ade, huhu


go genting! thats the travel company who brought us there. well, guess i hav talk about this a lot in my previous posts, so am not gonna elaborate much here. urm gamba ros gan has ni senanye aq x beniat lgsung nak upload, salah upload ni, nak upload gamba laen terupload plak gambo dorg neh, p syg plak nak delete, so biar je la..haha

air cond free!! wee!! ^_^

ape persamaan mimi gan bateri neh? dua dua x tahan lama, hahaha ( aq pon x paham, saje je nak wat lawak, huhu)

jeng jeng jeng!!!! inila highlight post aq ari ni!! nak tunjuk gambo ni je, yg atas2 tu tadi selingan jek, hakhak, so the moral from this post is, tdo la di mana saja n bila saja anda mahu, tapi pastikan org sebelah or depan or blakang anda tidak memegang kamera di sampingnya!


8 Responses
  1. iman Says:

    aq sies x tawu ape yg x kene, bape kali aq upload pon pic kinah tetap besaq!! kinah, if u hepen to read this, sori la wei, x bley wat pape la, haha, ni bukan sgaje ni!!!

  2. koreangulrz Says:

    lilot...haha..,aq bleh tlupe la psl gmbr tido mimi ngn has tu...hehe

    apa reaksi diorg agknye kn??

  3. lot...i like... i like... lawat la plak blog aku....hehehe...love u so much beb.... :)

  4. iman Says:

    ahahaha~ mimi kompom melenting, has kompom betambah mereng

    rab-wokiy darling =)

  5. apekejadahnye lot oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~
    aku tepuk telinga ko t lot..
    byk ko kenakn ak dlm entry ni lot..
    pape pon..credit to dis entry...
    i likeeeeeeeeeee

  6. iman Says:

    hahaha, zip zip zip

  7. nieza Says:

    huhuhuhu mereng ak tgk gmbr tido ak hahaha.. bkn sng org nk tgk..

  8. iman Says:

    eleh, senanye aq de gambo ko tdo yg lagi daring, tp sian lak kat ko, tu yg x upload...

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