spoiled tummy


not long time ago i was down with a fever. and although the pain and the hotness and sometimes the coldness were quite unbearable, but guess what?  i could give anything now just to be sick all over again.

being ungrateful much? just hear me out first.

the reason why i feel like getting sick again is because during that period of time, my appetite was completely gone (which is something to celebrate!). not even the delicious ikan keli and ayam goreng can make my mouth waters. i don't feel like eating at all and when i did, it always ended up being thrown out back. (sorry if this disturbs anybody)

but it was then!! then!!

now that i'm as healthy as a cow, i started to eat like a cow again (does cow eat a lot? i'm not sure, but looking at their size, maybe they do)

i don't know if there were populations of Ascaris and whatnots there inside my tummy, because really! i just keep on eating and munching things constantly nowadays. which is really frustrating!! ;((

ohhh i hate this!!!

please stop your craves for food dear tummy!! pleaseee~~ OH MY GOD, DUDE I'M ONLY 21!!! I CERTAINLY DO NOT WANT TO BECOME OBESE NOW!!!!!! NOR EVER!!!! sobs..

why me so heavy? =.=

good answer russian cat!

i shoud be exercising now, iyah iyah!!!

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