all my feelings for these past 3 weeks total up =

extremely exhausted. mentally and physically.

is it so hard to just say thank you? why do some people find it so difficult to appreciate other people's hardwork? i never ask for gold mine or even a bank of money. just a simple "thanks" should have been enough.

learn to appreciate others first before you go talking and posting selfish statuses on FACEBOOK! you annoyed me so much i felt like crying though i know it's not worth it. I'm sorry but people have feelings!! if you never understands this then you will never understand no one.

i'm sick of this pathetic drama. hope this will end quick!

seriously, penatnya menjaga hati. at the end of the day hati sendiri yang sakit. ;(

-hanya sabar pemujuk diri. Allah kuatkan hati ini..huhuhu
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