mejiknyaa!! :)


honestly, i've been wanting to write out this post ever since..well, ever since THIS happened. :)
but before i continue any further, let me ask you one question : do you ever believe in MIRACLE?

some people may say yes, while others might say they don't believe in such a thing. well, as for me, i do believe in miracles. and miracles DO exist. for those who think that miracle does not exist, let me ask you just one more question : do you believe in HAPPINESS?? :)

well, if you answered yes, then is there any need to deny that miracles do exist? because miracle is simply a happiness!! yes!! you dont agree with me? well, i'm sure everyone has their own opinions, but honestly, when a miracle do happen to you, what do you think you will feel at that moment?? anger? sadness?? disappointment?? of course not these kind of feelings right? but instead, you feel happy! overwhelmed! excited! because it's a miracle! it rarely ever happened! there you see? okay enough babbles about this miracle thingy, i'd showed you my points, and now it's time for you to be amazed by my story :p (not that my story's that great, it's just that, i just love to exaggerate everything, please dont mind me)

this story takes place on one fine tuesday afternoon (i think? i've lost track of time) at my campus's cafetaria.
i was about to start eating my lunch comfortably when suddenly one ahjussi (if you don't know what ahjussi means then you're not following the trend, k-wave is the trend nowadays dude! woot2, okay just ignore that) stopped my friend bibah and asked her something. because the atmosphere at that time was very loud and noisy i didn't bothered to keep on track with their conversations and continued with my eating. (eating is my only goal in everyday basis)
but suddenly my other friend wanot also started to join in with them and keep saying something about camera, repeatedly. because my food on my dear plate was really that delicious, (really! it's ikan keli digoreng dengan sambal! yummy2!) i still couldnt bothered to care about what was going on between them and just focusing on chewing the super delicate fish. hmmm~~

until they started to shout excitedly, calling up to me, and keep mentioning, "lilot! kamera kau!! kamera kau!"

and i was like, "what??" (with mouth full of food)

and then it rings a bell. "my camera??" and all of the memory suddenly just came back flashing in - "oh yeah! right! my camera!! my long lost cameraa!! what are they talking about?? i thought it was dead! i'd lost it! it was long gone! what are they saying?? had they found it??"

i couldnt pictured my feeling at that moment, i mean, it's just too sudden! so unexpected! well, the camera was gone long time ago that i myself had already forgotten that i once had even owned one.

and can you believe it?? now it's back!! hahah! peeps! that's what i called a miracle! a miracle!

that pakcik (who actually worked in the lab, where i'd lost my camera) had kept my camera all this while safely with him. and i couldnt thank him much! :) and the following day we came by to the microscope's room to pick her up. my baby!! she was still like before! drop dead gorgeous and shiny and most importantly, can still manage to capture beautiful images! i'm so still not believing this! my dear Yul, although you're just a Kodak, not anything sophisticated like DSLR and SLR, i will still treasure you as you had been the first, and forever will be the first camera that i'd ever owned. (the troubles i'd gone through to get you, and the aftermath, well, you were a prove to my darkest days before, but let's just forget about that now).

until now, i'm still day-dreaming. still couldnt believe that one of my favouritest gadget is finally back. how long has it been? almost one year? gosh, Allah tu memang Maha Pemurah, alhamdulillah!

subhanallah, alhamdulillah, sungguh, tiada kata mampu diucap, tiada ayat mampu dikarang, sungguh lah kuasa Allah itu Maha Besar. syukurr syukurr syukurr.... :) indahnya rasa hidup ini, subhanallah! thank you Allah! :D

so, what do you think now?? still doesn't believe in the so-called miracle? :) as for me lads, miracles happened everyday, and i'm happy i had found one more.


my baby Yul, finally dalam pangkuanku kembali, syukurr :D

majles penganugerahan balek kamera, dengan bakal naib canselor ukm katenyer, papepon kite negok jela ape jadik doploh taun kan datang uollzz, miahaha

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