nowadays 24 hours seem not enough.. what with so many things to do, so many standard curves to finish, so many methods need to be understand.. (which my brain failed to do lately)

sometimes I enjoy it, but there will be times when I wont. sigh

now feel not so sure about my initial intention to further studies.

lets just face it. when you feel down, the only people that you wanted around you is always a family. but unfortunately, those people are 200km away from you. to get to them is not a very smart thing to do, not if you have tons of things waiting to be finished. but Allah, what do I do? I really really wanted my mummy right now :'(  :'( and I feel so sad when other people talked about their own dads..because that really really makes me feel lonely. it reminded me that I dont have one anymore. Allah, what do I do? I missed him so much too..

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  1. hassy chan Says:

    u can do it bebeh!!..
    amik masa tenangkan otak, then u can slowly undrstand all the ridiculous method LOL..

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