"treat others as how you wanted to be treated"

simple statement yet it holds a big meaning. 

you wanted to be loved and happy? then love and make other people happy first. life is about giving and receiving. but it would be much more meaningful if we were to be the one to give something to others.

"my friend, i've been there. sort of. so you can say that i can understand your situation very well. but realizing my limitation, all that i can offer is just a shoulder for you to cry on, a friend to listen and to comfort you, just like you were to me before. when i was drowning with sadness, you were there. you cheered me. when I needed someone to talk to the most, you were there and you'd never leave me. you make me feel not so lonely anymore and was always there to hear my stories. so now it is my turn to repay you. be strong my friend. Allah's always here. touch your heart and feel His presence. you're not alone"

Insya-Allah, we will get through this. it is tough, yet we must believe that Allah never tested someone with something that they cannot handle. Allah loves you, that's why He tested you. keep remembering this, and Insya-Allah, it would put your heart at peace. just keep believing that someday, we will get through this. that someday, you and I, we will be happy again :)

2 Responses
  1. hassy chan Says:

    thanks a lot..
    ak ok sbb ad nye korang sume yg sntiasa support ak.. thanks sgt2..

  2. Iman Says:

    you will get through this, turn to Him, and In Shaa Allah, you will be okay :)

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