welcome back

2 months ago i deleted this blog. for i hated the vibe it produced. i was in the middle of a heart-breaking situation, and yet this blog betrayed my feeling. it exposes my past happiness, childishness, and immaturity. and for that, i hated it so much.

but that was 2 months ago..

now, i dont know, i just need this thing back. i need this thing as a medium to let out my feelings, or else i might go berserk. i had tried starting on a diary, but that doesnt suit me. i need my blog back.

since 2 months ago, a lot of things had changed. by a lot i mean me. things are different now, now that he's gone. i'm still adapting, i'm still coping. i'm still trying to learn to live without the one called 'ayah'

it was hard. it never was easy. for those who think losing someone so important in your life was not a big deal, go sit at a corner and think quietly. you might regret what you think.

but wallahi, i'm not complaining, because complaining about the things that happened to you means you're not redha to Allah's will. Allah decides everything, and He is the bestest decider. The Almighty, The One to Whom we should give our heart, and our everything to.

it's true at first i was angry. i was so devastated at a time i had thought of following him. but that was then. that was before i learnt the beautiful insight behind everything that had occur.

Allahu, and for this, for the things i have now, for the things i know now, i couldnt thank Him much. Allah is my priority now. and i hope that too, is your all's priority too.

Semoga Allah Redha akan Kita :)

2 Responses
  1. hassy chan Says:

    aku nmpak ko tulis blog wawa..
    welcome back k..

  2. iman Says:

    haha thanks beb ;)
    cih x seprais, haha

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