on your graduation day

Hey dear sis J
There were times when I found you really annoying, but truthfully, all the times, you were the one who I always looked up to, the one who always inspires me. Your handwriting, your drawing skills, your sense of humour, and many other great things that you never realized you had, had always been the thing that always inspires me. I never tell you this, but sometimes, I wanna grow up being you, the perfect person in my eyes. In all your early adult life, you had spent it cheering up others that you missed out to live it up with your own happiness. You had endure a lot, the troubles, the sadness, the money problem, everything.. sometimes I wonder how you managed to keep on staying strong, and most importantly, happy, in front of others.
You’re an idol to me, you’re a best friend, you’re a wonderful listener, you’re an amazing person, and you’re, indeed, the bestest daughter and sister one could ever have.
Today, you deserve the happiness. You deserve the spotlights. You deserve the attention. And you deserve the love.
Congratulations dear sis. Today, you’re graduating. Although ayah is not here, but we know he’s happy too right now. I love you so much Along, really, I love you so much. Congratulations again, and do know that my prayer’s always with you. J

Your adek yang menjengkelkan :p
p/s : plz dun hate my present, I spent hours trying to find this, lol

Semoga beroleh kejayaan dunia dan akhirat, Along. doa kami mengiringi kamu. Fi Hifzillah :) dan semoga Allah redha akan kita..

courtesy from Kumbang's Photography's House :)

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