i just came back :) well, from walking through some of my previous blog posts. and one thing to conclude them all --> my posts are narcissistic!! yes! this is a serious confession! but above all, above anything, i think it's time for me to come clean with my readers. lol

why do i say my posts are narcissistic? well, it's too obvious! cause they're all about me silly!. lol

i told you all already, and it was also written clearly at my side bio there, sometimes i can be so oblivious about my surrounding that i tend to blog just about me. :)

i know some people (a lot of people actually ) hate this kind of entries. you write about everything that is happening to you, mentioning names and places that only you and your friends know, assuming the whole world to know them too, well, sorry lads, but if you were me, this is the only type of posts that i know to heart how to write.

sometimes i do want to be like some very good bloggers out there, that can write out their mind freely and still manage to pull out some nice articles that are not boring to read. so unlike me. the only time i know i am not producing a boring entry was when i was bluffing :) (sampai ada yang kata personaliti aku dalam blog dan real life sangat berbeza, hahaha, i acknowledge that too, yeah, maybe i am a bipolar, err is this another confession too?? oh well..)

producing a factual but yet interesting entries are hard. that's why i gave up becoming a novel author long time ago (not that i ever had a chance to become one, lol) cause i obviously lack the talent. duh, you can judge it through my blog posts.

and come to think of it, there are so many things that i wanted to do and to become but had to let it go in the middle when i realized it cannot be fulfilled. like wanting to become an author, and an artist too (i thought i can paint, but seriously, i really can't) a cook (oh the secrets are now revealed) and some other very embarrassing things...

but although i know i lack in various fields, doesnt mean i still can't proceed with it right? i cant wrote a novel, but look at me now, i am a blogger. i have a blog. i have a medium to express my deepest inner feelings, my opinions, my ideas, and all the things i feel like sharing.

and now, although i know can't draw and paint well, but sometimes when i'm bored, i still sketch (mostly on my notes, during lectures, hahaha) and although they were ugly, i don't care. bearing in mind that i dont write to sell, i dont draw for money. but merely for self-satisfactory only. :)

drawing makes me happy. writing my heart out like this makes me happy. i know no one besides me is enjoying this, but i do (and that's the only thing that matters, me being satisfied). so readers, i have an advice to share : find a hobby, or things that you know you enjoyed doing, i don't mean hobbies like reading or listening to music, that kind of things, but a hobby that needs you to produce something. like origami. like painting, these kind of stuffs. and when you're at it, don't become discouraged if the end products were not like what you had imagined. because that is your work. you know you worked hard for it. it doesnt need to be perfect. all that matters the most was that it is YOURs.

really, i'm encouraging you now. find things you're good at, and maybe someday, just maybe, you can make a living out of it.

this is an advice coming from an amateur blogger who doesnt know how to synchronize her blog post with the title and who can become inspired to write another entry just after 3 minutes publishing one entry that she wasn't too satisfied with. (why she still hasn't deleted that post is still the biggest mystery)

anyhow, i really like this entry. how about you? well, like my page on Facebook if you do! (if i do have one, lolololol)

another weird article from me. i really hope Halim will still like my blog. which makes me wonder, where is he???

4 Responses

  1. iman Says:

    hasssssssssshhhummmm!!!!! :P

  2. ..SuRaYa.. Says:


    mungkin personaliti anda sama dengan dalam blog bila bersama dengan kawan-kawan karib.

    biasalah. kalau dengan orang 'luar',kita tak akan tunjukkan personaliti yang sebenarkan?

    apa2 pun.. best lah baca blog anda. penat ketawa. membantu mengurangkan stress.

    terima kasih. :)

  3. iman Says:

    haha, tengs sngat2 suraya sebab jadik pembace setia belog yg merapu ni, hehehe, malu2 ><

    saya akan berusaha untuk terus buat awak ketawe, hahaha

    lebiu lah! ^^, hikhik

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