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and....I'M BACK! :D

wow, this is seriously the first time i had disappeared from the so-called world of blogging for a quite long period of time. where did i go? well, i'm not very sure of that myself. :)

so, today's the last day i'm gonna be in KL, cause the semester break had already begun. after this i'm off to my beloved hometown for a sweet one month holiday from the hustle and bustle of the tiresome-assignments-loaded third year's student life. and well, though home is super good, but honestly, i'm gonna miss this place (this condominium i mean, not the campus) and the people living in them so damn much! what to do? ;(

and....my brother is going to wed this coming 29th January. can you honestly believe that?? he, of all people, will finally settle down. my very own brother! okay, so you guys must be like, what the heck, its just a wedding for god's sake, it happens everyday. well, sorry, but that doesn't apply to me. this is seriously the first time a wedding ceremony is being celebrated for my own family member! (oh well, minus my parents' wedding of course, but that is totally out of context). what i'm trying to imply here is that,,,
"oh my god! i'm genuinely excited that my own brother is getting married!! weehuu!!"

oh, anyway, a lot of things had been going on lately, and my life had also been kind of like topsy-turvy, but that's what had made it interesting. (my life, i mean) well, like food, it wont be delicious if you didnt add up spices and sugar and other ingredients too. and life also goes like that. life without spices is very much a dull one. :)

alright, i'm going to update about this coming wedding we're having soon. don't feel tired to keep on refreshing this page in the future, cause i will hit the publish button anytime. (i know no one is anticipating it, but it feels great to have this kind of statement as my blog post's finishing line. puhaha berangan blogger terkenal je lebih)

p/s : oooh, before i go, here's a peek at what i had been doing when stresses from studying rise up. ohh~ the world is just beautiful, subhanallah :)
p/s/s : this is the view from our very own condo's balcony. never get tired of it :)

and that ends it. have a marvelous day peeps! adiossa~
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