meet my other half! =D

for the first time in my blogging history (history? ok urm, and i'd just started blogging since when? err like 5 months ago? lol ) im gonna reveal who my other half is! yiehaa!

here you go!! i called this super cute thing over here BOBO! isnt he cute?

and why HE? err because i love men?? ok, that's controversial, i know2, scratch that, hahaha

for the record my bobo is a GIRAFFE, and NOT cattle as some of very ignorant friends of mine like to assumed. how could a cute giraffe like him be called a lembu?? that is totally an insult to us okay! XO
look at those horns, does lembu has horns?? huh??
well, this misconception occurred because they said he looked fat and also because of the unusual tompoks on his body. well, giraffe DO have tompoks people! if u dont know that you're seriously retarded!!

ok2, while im typing all these, my dear friend toncit was lying beside me on my bed  (oh please dont misunderstood) holding bobo with her... oh my and u couldnt even believe what she said , " ee comelnye KURA-KURA ni!! "  ( capital letter-bold-bling bling!!!)
and i was like, TONCITTTTT!!!!! ( while slapping her here and there as hard as my hands could handle it, sori cit, sympathetic reactions, cant help it XD )

oh gosh, dealing with people who called him lembu was one thing, but KURA-KURA???? when he obviously doesnt even have shell???!! urrfff... please people, where did your rationality go???!!

anyhow, as you can see, bobo is very special to me, and he was given to me by the very special someones too XP  oh well i couldnt imagine nights without him, it had been totally uneasy i would say, because he's always here at my side, giving me comforts and warm and pleasant sleeps ( ok, that really sounds weird) , oh and plus, he's totally hug-able!!

all in all, i love bobo the way he is,no matter what people called him- because he's my other half! =D

auww, isnt he adorable?? XP

p/s : oh geez, really, this is one of my lamest post ever, lame lame!
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  1. iman Says:

    ngat kamo jeke adew nyum2? kakaka

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