assalammualaikum, praises to Allah the almighty =)

i must admit, im not a good writer, let alone a good speaker, but i gotta admit, i LOVE writing, haha tho i know the end product is useless and not interesting, but i still like it, because im not very good at expressing myself. im not very good at words, and sometimes i find it very hard to point out something or anything that i have in mind, but through writing, i find that self expressing has become much easier : you dont have to do a gestures, face expressions, variations in tone to make your voice noticeable etc, because only words are needed to show the world what is that that you have in your head.

okay, so, urm..what i actually want to say here is that.. i love ALL MY FRIENDS! (blushing)
okay, weird stuff, i know i know, but right now its 3.09 in the morning, i should be studying but yet i felt boring so i grab my never-shut-down lappy and thought that instead of keeping on peeking on my facebook noti's, i should be doing something more beneficial : which is updating this very boring+ridiculous blog of mine..

so..everyone ( whoever u are, hopefully not someone that i dont know, oh i hate stalkers) i need to make my point here.. i love my friends because i know they will always be here or there for me whenever i need them, friends that i got here..they are like no other..they are whom i can proudly call my TRUE friends, they are the ones who can cry and laugh along with you, they are the ones that you can always count on, they are the ones that can shed away your tears, they are the ones who are willing to endure hard and bitter moments together with you, so, right now, i dont think i have any regrets no more, because having these friends is like having a real family with you...

so i just wanted to say here that i love you guys very deeply and sincerely...so bule x blanje aq buke luse? ( sbb esok iftar kan, haha)

no, no seriously, i really love u guys, so plz, do love me back, cuz betepok sebela tgn tidak bebunyik, ngeeeee, hugs and kisses, nyum2..

p/s: oh oh mari study dan study dan study dalila!!
3 Responses
  1. I love u too dalila@lilot...hehehe...lewat tido cyg...hehehe...lot, thanks for being my bestfriend....i love u so much.. i also love all my bestfriends: kak as, wanot, teero, syiqa, mimi,tuan and so on....love u all so much...mmmuaaahhhh (^_^)

  2. iman Says:

    yay! a feedback! XD

    muuaaxxx to u too honey, we're best friend forever and ever and ever and ever.....till infinity! =)

    raye raye! weee~

  3. raye...raye...yahoo!!!!... lot, mcmn nie?...aku x study lagi..fikir nk balik je...wuawuawua......

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