I'm all messed up


What is the purpose of you waking up everyday?

Working? Well, working is essential because it helps pays the bills

Eating? Eating is essential too, who am I kidding?

Meeting people? Being a social retard myself, I'd rather skip that part but clearly, that was not an option, not ever.

So, really? What's the real deal? What's the actual purpose of waking up everyday? What if the actual purpose of living?
That is, if we ever gets to wake up everyday again..

What if someday there's no more morning? What if someday you're no longer breathing? Hell, couldnt imagined it but it will come eventually.

The day where we all will no longer be a living being. 
The day when you will finally see the things beyond your current life.
The day when you will no longer have a day.
The day when you will no longer have a life
Urghh, scary, isnt it?

I'm scared. Understatement. Hell, I freaked out just thinking about it.
But yet, I'm still here, preferred to being consumed by my own scary thoughts rather than doing anything. Which is so very wrong..

Seriously. What is the actual f*** is wrong with me?

Damn I'm too exhausted to figure it out on my own

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