A message from an oldie :p

Age is nothing but a number. and what counts in your life is not the number, but the memories you made throughout the journey. 22 years had passed, and i'd known laughter, sadness, regrets, disappointment, depression, miracles and every sort of feelings one could ever feel. life has been great, thanks to Allah my beloved creator. Allah had been so generous with me that He'd gave me a very perfect life indeed. :) what's ups without the downs, and what's happiness without the sadness. though life sometimes could be so tough, i always knew this is part of living. and for goodness sake, i knew i have Allah. i always have Him. Alhamdulillah.

thank you so much Allah. thank you so much for this happiness. for this miracle you gave me. i couldn't have wish for more.

sanah helwah Nor Dalila Binti Tajuddin. may you become the lover of Allah, may you become a great muslimah, may you become an anak solehah, and may you become a wonderful wife and mother to your husband and children. amminnnnn :)

p/s : jazakallahu khairan katsiran for all the wishes, the cake, the pizzas, the laughters, the happiness, the remembrance, and more importantly, jzzk for being here, for celebrating this for me. hanya Allah dapat membalas. :)
cc : especially to my dearest roommie and housmie bibah, wanot, kak as, ros, and atero. i love ya all! muwax!

FYI gedeng means comel, baik hati dan bersikap terpuji (kamus Jawa-BM)

after being left alone at home for more than 5 hours, i think i deserve to have balloons flying around me, dont you think so too? wee

with the most devilish housmie one could ever own, but since they brought back pizzas, i could do nothing but forgive them immediately :)

this time we have another companion! bella the cow! moohoo!
thanks so much for coming back housmie. ;) that alone is already the greatest birthday gift, hee :)
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