life after you

Mak jarang nangis. Even on that day, she hardly ever cried. acting strong for us, for her family. but yesterday she let it all out.

Mak : "arwah ayah dapat pekerja terbaik dik. company nak bagi 500. mak tak boleh tahan mak nangis kat telefon"

it hurts so much to hear it. nothing can compare to the feelings of knowing that your mother is sad and yet nothing you can do about it. its not something that my presence could cure. not something that my words could relieve..its a lot more than that..

mak sunyi tapi mak jarang kata apa-apa. mak rindu ayah tapi mak tak pernah nangis depan anak. anak-anak mak tak balik selalu mak tak pernah pun merungut. aku tak pernah bagi mak apa-apa tapi mak tak pernah sekali pun mengungkit.

"losing someone you loved is not something you can get over with. its something that you have to learn to lived with.."

and from that moment I promised myself that I would do anything in my power to give her happiness. with my achievement. my success. my happiness. because she is everything in my world now. she's all I got. she's the reason I'm here. and I will try my best for her. even if it means losing everything else. as long as she would be happy.

as long as she's happy.. nothing else would matters.

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